Initiation II | Arnaud Durand | in english

Initiation II | Arnaud Durand | in english

Initiation II | Arnaud Durand | in english


sam 21 mai 2022 - dim 22 mai 2022    
9h00 - 17h00


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Morges - Warnery 2
Warnery 2, Morges, Vaud, 1110, Vaud

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Initiation 2

This course will be given in english.

The basics of Nonviolent Communication, part 2: relationship to self and relationship to others

(Prerequisite: 2 days of initiation, i.e. part I) This course will be given in english.

Various themes and practical exercises are addressed in this second part, depending on the participants’ and/or the trainer’s impulses, including

– Developing the power of compassion

– Deepening our ability to listen to ourselves and to others

– Learning to make clear requests and to accept a « NO

– Practicing dialogue step by step

The four days of the initiation (part 1 + this second part) allow you to acquire the notions and the practice necessary to participate in the deepening courses. Nevertheless, we encourage you to follow them several times for a better understanding and some useful reflexes of this art of relationship that is NonViolent Communication.


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